Sol Havis showed his unique aptitude and talent for photography at the age of 10 when his father

noticed that the pictures that Sol took were perfectly framed and composed. Sol’s unerring sense of

visual style and composition is evident in all of his work from bridal to automotive.

Born and raised in Detroit,Sol has been a serious student of photography

for over 10 years. His natural interest in others and sincere friendliness and dedication to the client’s

satisfaction comes through in how he works, and in his work.

The customer’s requirements are primary. Seeing the satisfaction that clients’ derive from the results

that Sol provides to them is what drives his pursuit of photographic excellence. An important event is an

emotion frozen in time. Sol strives to make sure that his photographs recall that emotion each time they

are viewed.

If dynamic, dramatic and emotionally-stirring photographs are what your needs require, then you have

‘come to the right place’. Get together to chat for a while with Sol and you will understand why.